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Get to know the Craigs

Jarrad Craig received his education from serving 5 years as a Seabee (Naval Mobile Construction Battalion) in the US NAVY.  He put his hands on all types of equipment, built it, drove it and repaired it.  After the Navy he continued his career as a building superintendent and a Building Inspector for the City of Ventura...always riding. His experience with two wheels spans his entire life.   Early on he was heavily influenced by his father who raced at Chico State University.  Jarrad raced BMX for the better part of his adolescence, road mountain bikes when they were not cool to ride and has experienced over 20 years of involvement with motocross riding and clubs where he was well known as the mechanic who carried “too many” tools.  He did 5 years with District 37 as a Mechanic’s Chase-pack and the Laughlin to Reno run for 4 years as a full Mechanic’s Chase-pack as well. As an avid bike enthusiast, Jarrad has extensive knowledge of bikes, bike repair, and the clientele that support the industry. He has deep roots in the bike community throughout California and participates in at least a couple rides per year including Meghan’s Ride supporting Leukemia research. 

Sara Craig received her education at Gonzaga University where she later went on to pursue a career in medical business administration and equipment sales.  Sara brings extensive knowledge with over 19 years of retail and customer service experience as well as over 8 years of inventory and small business management.  She has fond memories of learning to fix her 1st bicycle with her father, riding every day to school all the way through college, freezing her ears off every morning riding to make the early shift to get home for the kid after school to riding ATVs in the Pismo Dunes every Sunday after the tourist left.  After raising a family in the Central Coast, the Craigs decided to seek out a simpler life in Southern Humboldt County.  We will ensure that we hold ourselves accountable to the highest standards by meeting our customers’ needs precisely and completely whenever they patronize our products and participate in our community events.  We look forward to serving you.

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